PGCE Communitywide Garage Sale SATURDAY March 25th

Annual Spring Neighborhood Sale – 

Saturday March 25th – 8am to 2pm.  

The Neighborhood Sale is being advertised in various local newspapers prior to the sale.  In the event of inclement weather – Rain date is Sunday March 26th 8am – 2pm. 

Dolphin Blvd resident Chris Berry is organizing the sale.  Chris’ contact info is or her cell is 727-449-5637.  Any additional questions you may have about the Neighborhood Sale can be directed to her.

For those few residents who are part of Gulfport you will need a permit from Gulfport for the day of the PGCE sale. These residents must go to the Gulfport city office in advance to obtain the permit and it must be displayed on location the day of the sale.  This is a Gulfport City ordinance.

It is important for all Waste Management customers whether you are participating in the sale or not to be aware of the early pick-up time Saturday morning (3/25/17) due to our PGCE neighborhood sale.  

To ensure you do not miss your trash collection, please put your cans out Friday evening. 

Build Your Layout

When it comes to rummaging through other people’s used stuff, presentation matters: Arrange all items by category, and make it easy to navigate between sections. Instead of throwing books into a box, line them up on a bookshelf for easy browsing.

-Instead of throwing books into a box, line them up on a bookshelf for easy browsing.

-Hang up clothes on an old shower rod and order them by size. (No one wants to dig through piles of precariously stacked T-shirts, and you don’t want to be the one stuck folding and refolding them.)

-Costume jewelry was an especially hot item in last year’s PGCE sale. Make sure it is easy to sort through. Display items by price.

-Place hot ticket items near the end of your driveway to lure in customers. If people driving by see something that catches their eye, they’ll stop to take a look.  We had a “tool table” at the end of our driveway last year that was particularly popular.

-The same goes for the kids’ stuff. Kids love shopping at garage sales almost as much as they love putting them together. So help your child go through all her goodies and separate out the really good stuff to make sure it’s properly displayed.

-In last year’s Spring Sale, we had a “free” basket for people who bought stuff. Buy anything and take something out of the free bin.

-If you are selling anything electrical, run a power cord out to the driveway so people can plug it in and see the appliance works.

-Make sure all your items are clearly marked with price tags, which will discourage bargain-hunters from offering a bargain-basement price on items that aren’t marked.  Know why you are selling. Although it’s nice to make money, if clearing out clutter is your ultimate goal, price things so they are irresistible. A good rule of thumb is to sell things for no more than one-half to one-third their original price.