Answers to your Evacuation Questions

  • How do I find out my evacuation zone if I can’t locate my property on the map?
    • Evacuation levels are available online here.
    • Pinellas County’s automated telephone system
      can also be used to determine evacuation level: (727) 453-3150 and key in your phone number.
    • Call Pinellas County Emergency Management:
      (727) 464-3800 and staff will assist you with
      any questions


  • My property is fairly elevated and couldn’t
    possibly be touched by storm surge. Why do I
    have to evacuate?

    Emergency Management officials work to prevent putting residents in situations where they would become isolated by water – creating an island. Therefore, some parcels with higher elevations are assigned the evacuation level of surrounding parcels.


  • link to check your evacuation levelWill this affect my flood insurance ratings?
    No. Evacuation levels pertain to storm surge from hurricanes. The change to your evacuation level has NO impact on flood zones or flood insurance, which are determined and managed through FEMA and the National Flood Insurance program.


  • I live in a mobile home, but we’re in a non-evacuation zone. Do we have to evacuate?
    All mobile home residents are required to evacuate when any evacuation order is issued, regardless of their evacuation level. This has not changed from past years. Mobile homes are considered unsafe to weather even a Category 1 hurricane or strong tropical storm.


  • So just how accurate are these maps?
    The maps are as correct and as accurate as current technology can make them. As the storm surge model data is updated and refined in the future, the county and the regional planning council will incorporate those changes to continue to improve the process of determining evacuation levels. It is worth noting that although technology has improved, maps of the forecasts of the storm surge, are not a guarantee. No one knows with absolute certainty what the effects of any individual storm will be. Pinellas County has not been directly hit by a hurricane since 1921.


  • What should I do to prepare for a hurricane?
    Finalize your family’s hurricane preparedness plan now. Know your evacuation level and be prepared to leave if an evacuation is required.




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