Storm Shelter: If You have a Pet

Keeping your pets safe and calm

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Scared cats and dogs will often seek nooks and crannies to hide in. This isn’t always a bad thing but know your hidden spaces. If there are any potential hazards (motors, electrical outlets, sharp items, stored items that could prove poisonous) close off the spaces.

▪ Better yet, keep your pets in their carrier and keep it near you as they will feel more secure. And so will you.

Put in some of their favorite toys or items that have your scent, like a shirt or something similarly soft and cuddly. Plus, if the worst should happen and you are forced to evacuate at a moment’s notice it will be much easier to find your frightened pet and get a move on together without adding more stressful searching of the nooks and crannies.

▪ Just as you would for yourself, identify a spot in your house as the safest zone — usually a room that isn’t near windows and can be closed off, like a bathroom. Stay together with your pets in that room.

▪ Once you have decided on a course of action make sure you can initiate it without delay. If you have all of your supplies like food and flashlights and water handy and accessible in a blackout, the same goes for your pet supplies. Searching for items when the power is out and you don’t know which drawer or cupboard you stored them in beforehand is frustrating.


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