Updates From Pasadena Golf Club Estates-WEDNESDAY


Duke Energy restored power to our community Tuesday evening.  The sound of humming generators quieted.  PGCE neighbors saw minimal damage- some trees down, limbs scattered everywhere.
Some key questions:

For general post-storm questions to the county government:
Citizen Info Line (727) 464-4333

What do you do with the limbs and brush you pick up?
Because we are not in St. Pete city limits, your brush drop-off options are more limited than if we were in the city.
The county asks that it has a  debris management plan.   Place your debris in sorted piles at the Right-of-Way for collection by debris crews.

Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at 10.52.14 AM


Federal Assistance from Irma Damage
Residential Assistance: Application
Business Assistance: Application


We captured these images at low tide 11:38a Sunday.



At noon, your Neighborhood Watch did a patrol through the entire neighborhood.  We spotted nothing remarkable.  Nearly everyone was out of their home by this morning. We spotted only two homes where people were still inside.  I witnessed the Sheriff’s department tell one of them to leave.




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