How to Hire a Contractor

Your web editor has already been approached by people driving by and offering to remove debris and trim trees.    Be skeptical.

To find out if a certified contractor or electrician is licensed in Florida, click on

Certified licenses are issued by:

contact.GIF (447 bytes) Department of Business & Professional Regulation
Construction Industry Licensing Board
Attention: Examination
1940 North Monroe Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-1039
(850) 487-1395
Fax: (850) 921-4216
Please include “construction” in the subject line

Certified Contractor’s Licenses

Here’s a list of the certified contractor’s licenses the Board issues:

Division 1

Division 2
Air conditioning class A
Air conditioning class B
Glass and glazing specialty
Sheet metal
Commercial pool/spa*
Residential pool/spa
Pool/spa Servicing
Solar water heating specialty
Underground utility and excavation
Pollutant storage systems
Gypsum drywall specialty
Structure specialty
Gas line specialty
Tank lining applicator
Precision tank tester
Dry wall specialty

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