Good News: Pet Adoptions Way Up/Euthanasia Drops in Pinellas

Tampa Bay Times reports:

The number of pets being surrendered to shelters by their owners dropped to 4,928 in 2017, a six-year low and 34 percent drop over that time. Stray intake fell 24 percent since 2012, hitting 10,705 last year, while adoptions spiked 16 percent over the past six years.

The number of animals euthanized at shelters has nearly been cut in half since 2012, with 5,438 mostly dangerous or ill animals killed in 2017.

The optimistic statistics in the 2018 Pinellas County Animal Welfare Report is the latest benchmark in an effort between Pinellas County Animal Services, The Humane Society of Pinellas, SPCA Tampa Bay, Pet Pal Animal Shelter and Friends of Strays to create a uniform picture of county trends. Since joining efforts in 2012 to combine figures and resources, the agencies say data is the way of the future to find solutions to problems plaguing animals and pet owners.


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