Matt the Cat is FOUND

Good news update: Matt the Cat has come home.   Susan Geren sent us an update to the previous post about him disappearing from his Dixie Lane home:

He is home!!!!!!  Limped out of the bushes early this morning.  Apparently an injury to a hind foot.  Can’t tell yet if there is a broken toe involved but there is no active bleeding. Swelling is minor and limited to one or two middle toes.  He was far more interested in eating and I’m doubting he has eaten since Tuesday night.  Have no idea what could have happened to him but, at least he is back and safe at home.  Right now he is full of food and sleeping on a low shelf.  Hope I can keep him in the house but not sure he will comply for too long.  After he has relaxed for a while, I’ll see if I can examine that foot a little more closely and decide if my vet needs to see him.  Matt is not a fan of cat carriers or car rides, as evacuation for Irma proved.  Thank you so very much for your help.

Matt is a “community” cat who adopted us and his previous owners moved several years ago.  He is revered as a neighborhood rat and mouse exterminator.



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