2018-2019 Key Pasadena Golf Club Estates Dates (including Halloween and Neighborhood Party)

2018-1019 Schedule of Events

Sept. 1st– Membership Renewal – Drive Starts

Sept. 13th – Board Meeting

Oct. 11th – General Meeting, w/ Neighborhood Watch update

Oct. 25th – Volunteer pre- party planning meeting

Oct. 31st – Halloween Weenie Roast and Pot Luck Party and Membership Drive

Nov. 8th – Board Meeting

Nov. 29th – Volunteer pre -party planning meeting, judges appointed for neighborhood light contest

Dec. 8th –  Christmas Boat Parade, neighborhood light judging ends

Dec. 9th –  Annual Neighborhood Holiday Party and Membership Drive

Dec. 31st –  Membership Drive Closes (dues are due), Advertiser deadline

Feb.12th –  Board Meeting, Neighborhood Directories go out

Mar. 14th –  General Meeting w/ Neighborhood Watch, nominations for new board

Mar. TBA –  Garage Sale

Apr. 4th – Volunteer pre-party planning

Apr. 13th – Spring Fling, General meeting and election of officers

May – Board Hosted Volunteer appreciation and New Board swearing in


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