President’s Letter for October

Hello Neighbors,

The algae bloom that had been lurking to our south for some time, has taken up residence in our neighborhood. So, with this Red Tide around, it’s not only hot and sticky, it’s gotten a bit smelly. Fortunately, it’s not as bad as in other areas. This is the neighbor who moved in and we can’t wait until he leaves!

The golf course fence

I think everyone hopes that if a situation ever arises between you and your neighbor, be it noise, fences, dogs, boats, kids, trees, etc., they are going to see it your way, but realistically they might not. You may settle back into some kind of unspoken detente.  In our civic group’s case, it’s an entity whom we have been trying to deal with for many years, the Pasadena Yacht and Country Club. We have consistently called and written to complain that they leave the condition of the grounds along the fence lines in a shabby state. We have hired landscapers to clean it up and they get yelled at. We were hopeful that under new ownership we would get some cooperation, but up to this point very little has been done.

Our own board member, Laurie, recently painted the concrete canal fence which is golf course property. I keep asking myself the question: Why is our neighborhood’s situation so drastically different from other golf courses and the neighborhoods they border?


If you remember when you first moved here and you drove out along Royal Palm looking out at the golf course or crossed onto Dolphin with the golf course on one side and the bay on the other, we all felt, even if we didn’t live on the water, this was a pretty cool neighborhood to walk the dog, fish, watch sunsets or hangout. But that dilapidated, inappropriate chain-link fence and overgrowth of vegetation is a downer. I am hopeful that we can establish an amicable relationship with PYCC soon and they will come around to see it from our side of the fence.

Other golf courses around Pinellas County are easier on the eye.


TECO service

We have a TECO survey sheet for people who are interested in getting natural gas.
You may have it available and don’t know it. There are, strangely, pockets of homes that the mainline stops and starts at and a large area off Royal Palm. With a group effort, we may have some buying power and get the costs down.
Dolphin Blvds

St pete (1)

Also look for membership forms coming to you soon in the mail.  There is a contest going on, so tell your new or old neighbors to send in their application and to put you down as “referred by”.

We have a big General Meeting for 2018 with food and guest speakers on October 16th. Social starts at 6:30, Neighborhood Watch at 7:00, Teco Gas at 7:30, Q&A after that.  A voting box will be available to cast ballots on the bylaw changes. New members can sign up on the spot but couldn’t vote that day.

See you all at the meeting!


Dave Muth

PGCECG President


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