Minutes from the October Membership meeting

Meeting Minutes, October 16, 2018

Pasadena Golf Club Estates Civic Group


Dave Muth introduced Sue Sidwell, chair of the Neighborhood Watch, mentioned the crime status in the neighborhood. There was a recent break-in to an unlocked car – be sure to lock your vehicles at night.

Sue introduced Deputy Sean O’Brien, our liaison for the Neighborhood Watch program from the Pinellas County Sheriff office. He gave a presentation on personal safety.  Possible topics for future talks are avoiding scams, identity theft, social media, and burglary.

Dave called the general meeting to order at 7:45.

  • He shared that the website is a great information source – http://www.33707news.com
  • He introduced the board to the community
  • If anyone would like to get involved in the Neighborhood Watch, please contact Sue Sidwell
  • TECO was not able to attend the meeting because of their involvement in Panama City, but our intent was to determine if we could make a concerted effort to extend the natural gas main throughout the neighborhood
    • A map of the current main lines is available on the website
  • Halloween party is a few weeks away, please sign up to volunteer
  • Dave reviewed the suggested changes to the bylaws
    • Membership drive dates
    • Removal of President-Elect position
    • Increase of spending limits
  • There is a contest for those who bring in the most new members – with prizes! (See “referred by” line on application)

Rick updated the group on progress with PYCC:

  • PYCC has new ownership and management
  • Focused attention on Royal Palm and Dolphin areas
  • Code inspectors came out and reported code violations to PYCC leading them to begin to trim and repair those two areas

Membership Questions:

The Boat Parade is scheduled for December 8th, we plan on contributing

Large recyclables can be delivered to the Pinellas County Dump

Will find out about Mobile Collection Schedule

Treasurer’s Report:

As of September 30th

Checking:      $2461.17

Savings:         $7960.88

Total:             $10,422.05


Membership Report:

45 People have re-joined so far

2 Businesses have signed up to advertise


Vote Results:

Topic Yays Nays
Membership drive dates 27 0
Removal of President-Elect Position 27 0
Spending limit increase 27 0


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