November Board of Directors minutes

Minutes, November 8, 2018

Pasadena Golf Club Estates Civic Group

In attendance:

Rick Gilbert, Dave and Joan Muth, Laurie Thompson, Sheila Eveland, Ron Gicka


            Outstanding Receipts for the General Meeting, Signage, Gift cards (for membership drive prize) and Halloween party expenditures were collected and reimbursed.

Let’s look into the laws regarding solicitation in Pinellas County. There were suspicious people in our neighborhood this afternoon in a situation that ended up involving the police. Sheriff Deputy offered that we could add “No solicitation” signage at entrance to neighborhood and they would honor it.

General Meeting Discussion

  • Suggested that the documentary that the Bill Israel created could be shown at the next general meeting (Tentatively scheduled March 14), will talk to him to ask permission.
  • Neighborhood Watch presentation would be an annual event for General Meeting each Fall, (next topic: Prevalent scams – what to look for, and how to handle) Updates from Sue Sidwell at all meetings.
  • Ask Ace Hardware if they will stock “Ring” doorbell/security systems with a “Ring” discounted purchase price
  • Discussed General Meeting food expenditures and adjustment for next meetings

Halloween Party Feedback

  • Attendance was on par with previous year based on food consumption
  • Food purchased was sufficient
  • Possible “Trunk or Treat” style event for next year


Golf Course Update

  • Progress seems to be halfway, some fencing is still left primarily around the bridge area
  • We will continue to communicate to the golf course management that work still needs to be done
  • Rick will pursue speaking to the City of Gulfport to finish addressing the items

Treasurer’s Report

  • We will begin analyzing categorization of funds for different activities, to determine if promotional activities are cost effective in generating new membership.


  • 117 Applications returned as of November 7
  • 4 Business listings including an Ace Hardware coupon
  • Referrals are being listed, competition is heating up! Get your referrals in now!
  • 29 TECO gas surveys have been received and passed along to TECO
  • We have a lead on creating baskets for new homeowners in the neighborhood – but questions we would need to answer are what would be in the baskets? How much would they cost? How would we determine who is new to the neighborhood?


  • Last push for directory sponsors, it’s not too late to sign up!
  • Consider taking a directory and a membership form – remember it is free if the business puts in a coupon!

Boat Parade

  • The neighborhood donates $300 for the boat parade to come down to the bridge on Dolphin. This is the far end of the route.

Christmas Party

  • Planning meeting may be held on November 29th (The party is the week after, December 9). The location of the planning meeting is TBD.
  • The band has already been booked.
  • Judges for the light contest will need to be determined, we are looking for volunteers
  • May break the light contest into three categories – to be decided by judges


  • Robin and Gulfport Blvd sign light is getting hit and damaged by lawn maintenance so will take action to add a border to keep the signage looking nice.

Next Board Meeting

  • Scheduled for February 12th after the holidays


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