The December President’s Message

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! And to all our Jewish neighbors celebrating the Festival of Lights, Dec. 2-10, Happy Hanukkah!

As I mentioned in the Blast email, our final Membership Drive event of the calendar year, the Christmas Party, is fast approaching. This one is for the grownups and is very popular. We are thankful to Mike Gordon for hosting us once again at his excellent mancave/party room. The party is Sunday evening, December 9, 5:30pm – 9 pm at 1872 Dolphin Blvd S. with live music and door prizes (If you’re not yet a member, sign up at the door and be eligible to win). Light contest winners will be announced that evening as well (must be a member to win). Bring your favorite appetizer, snack, dip, or dessert to share and your drink of choice.

Saturday the 8th is the Lighted Boat Parade which sails along both sides of Dolphin Boulevard and loops around at the seawall bridge by the golf course.

The Membership Drive ends December 31st. Remember our contest for getting your neighbors to sign up. If you haven’t joined yet and don’t plan to come to the Christmas Party, drop off your application and money at George Eveland’s house.

A final note: the Christmas lights in our neighborhood are nice but don’t let them distract you if you’re driving. Everybody knows pedestrians have the right of way, but you can be right and you can be dead right. I’m sure you are all good drivers, but you just have to be less observant once. These days it’s dark early. Wear something reflective or carry a flashlight when walking around in the street.  Dogs with reflective leashes are easier to see. Cars might need to slow it down at night or around blind curves. Last year I was coming up to a bend in the road in the dark. Headlights were coming towards me and I moved over a little more to the right. My headlights picked up three people standing in the road, in the shadow of a tree that blocked out the street light. Fortunately, I had plenty of time to stop, but it startled the people. If you are in the shadows at night, and there are no other sources of light, you are hard to see. Slow way down when driving but also be a responsible pedestrian. Be careful out there!

Whether you’re staying home or traveling for the holidays…. stay safe.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Dave Muth
President PGCECG

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