From the President

Hello Neighbors,

I want to report our Halloween Party was another success thanks to our great neighbors who came through with tables, shopping and setup along with contest judges and cleanup help and all those who provided a dish for the pot luck. We also had quite a few memberships renewed plus some new folks signing up.

November is here and flying by. Veteran’s Day was this week and my sincere gratitude to our neighbor veterans, spouses and their families. And now Thanksgiving is just around the corner.

The next big thing that we have coming up is the Christmas Party, and it’s coming up sooner than originally put on the schedule. Our annual Christmas Party will be held on Sunday, December 8th.  Please mark your calendars to save the date.  We have the Schuyler’s to thank for offering to host this year’s gathering.  Planning volunteers will be providing details soon. This is the perfect time to renew your 2020 membership so bring your form and $25.

One thing that I can relay (and relate to) is that we will not announce the holiday light winners at the party due to the fact that most people don’t start putting up lights until after Thanksgiving. Since it’s later this year, and the party’s sooner, it cuts out a couple weekends to work on that. Judging will be done the evening of the 15th. Winner signs will go up shortly afterwards and gift cards awarded.

In closing, on behalf of all the board, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving, safe travels, and I look forward to all the great neighborhood lights whether it’s simple or spectacular.

Best Regards,

Dave Muth

President PGCECG



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