If you have been turned down for unemployment benefits-state says to re-apply

Until now, Florida’s online unemployment system, known as CONNECT, has not been able to process claims for people who aren’t eligible for state benefits.  As a result, thousands of Floridians who are eligible for $600 per week federal unemployment payments were turned down.

Tampa Bay Times reported:

Almost every Floridian deemed ineligible for unemployment benefits so far should reapply, a Department of Economic Opportunity spokeswoman said Tuesday.

Nearly 268,000 Floridians have been deemed ineligible since March 15 — about 40 percent of all claims the state has processed so far. But most of those people are flagged as ineligible for state benefits, which are hard to receive and max out at only $275 per week.

In reality, those people are likely eligible for the federal Pandemic Unemployment Assistance benefits, which are $600 per week and apply to many more people, department spokeswoman Tiffany Vause said.

The state is informing people who were deemed ‘ineligible’ that they might indeed be eligible. Rather than waiting for the department to contact the ineligible applicant — or trying to appeal your denied claim — those people should just apply again online at www.FloridaJobs.org.

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