Board Elections

Hello Everyone,

              Although our annual cadence has been shaken a bit by COVID-19, we would like to try to stay within the guidelines of the bylaws while still staying socially distanced as we continue on our path to normalcy. In doing this, one item that would typically occur this time of year is board member elections.

              If you are interested, or know of a member who is, please submit their name in an e-mail response, or contact one of your current board members. If you are worried about the time commitment or if you have the know-how for a particular role, never fear. The board member community will be happy to help you come up to speed. We would love to have some new faces in the group!

              Positions and Incumbents:

                             President: Ron Gicka

                             Vice President: Sheila Eveland

                             Treasurer: Joan Muth

                             Recording Secretary: Laurie Thompson

                             Corresponding Secretary: George Eveland

              Key Dates:

                             5/16/21 – Call for board member nominations

                             5/28/21 – Board member nominations close, if there is more than one candidate for any position, we will move forward with an electronic election.

                             6/4/21 – Election results will be announced with the new board to be instated in the fall if necessary.

We hope to hear from YOU!


   Your 2021 PGCE Board– 

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