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October letter- TECO gas lines, a call to improve golf course border

August letter– calling all volunteers

PGCECG President’s Letter for August

Dear Neighbors,

Happy August. I hope you are all having an enjoyable summer or at least staying cool and dry. Like many Floridians, we took a sliver of time for a vacation to a cooler place last month. It’s great to have neighbors that you can call on to pick up mail, check your pool, or just keep an eye out for anything amiss. Likewise, on a bit larger scale, that is the value of a well-connected neighborhood. Next to strolling a baby or walking a dog, the Civic Group probably provides the best way to meet and get to know people, learn about prominent issues, and the fun stuff going on around here.

In June the board had its first meeting. As in past years, the discussion was how to increase participation in membership, volunteerism and recruitment of new officers to the board.  This will be attempted through a combination of awareness and incentives.

For membership, we will aggressively promote the Membership Drive and we are looking to provide some incentives and benefits to members, like we did the last couple of years with event door prizes. We have our Schedule of Events that will be posted on the website starting this month.

As for volunteering, you can see by our schedule, your help with events or as a part of the board, doesn’t require a big time commitment.  I am also pursuing an end of the year recognition of our volunteers and newly elected board members who dedicate their time to our neighborhood. The form that takes will be dependent on the budget.

Next month, I’ll cover some voting issues we are considering that need your participation.

So, in closing, look at the Civic Group Schedule of Events often and get ready to turn in those membership forms with your $25 annual dues. Come to the October 11 general meeting and consider volunteering a few hours this year.

Until next time,

Dave Muth                                                                                  PGCECG President


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