Don’t fall for utility scams

The Tampa Bay Times reports: Pretending to be representatives of Tampa Electric Co. and Duke Energy, scammers made thousands of attempts to get people to pay up fast and got away with thousands of dollars. Florida residents, businesses, bars, restaurants and even a Catholic church have found themselves in the sights of scammers posing as... Continue Reading →

Coronavirus cases in Tampa Bay Schools

The growth in school-based cases of coronavirus is accelerating. Cases are appearing in clusters, with almost as many being reported among staff as there are among students. As children often do not exhibit symptoms, there could be many more student cases than the schools know about. Pinellas County: There were five cases at Osceola Fundamental High... Continue Reading →

Farewell from President Muth

Hello Neighbors, My term is up and this will be my last President's letter. What a year we are having, and we still have another quarter to go! Back in February, those "draconian measures" overseas, were soon to be deemed necessary here, when you added the caveat "out of an abundance of caution". Masks and social... Continue Reading →

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