Duke Energy Scam Alert

Duke Energy says it has heard from customers about a phone scam.  It goes like this, you get a call saying that your electric bill is overdue and unless you pay the caller by credit card on the phone, somebody will cut off your electricity, sometimes right away. Duke says: Scammers are calling residents and... Continue Reading →

Red Tide leaves Pinellas

After one last, hard smack at Fort DeSoto and Shell Key over the Thanksgiving holiday last week, Red Tide has disappeared from Pinellas County's beaches. "We're shutting down" county environmental management director Kelli Hammer Levy said Tuesday regarding the ongoing cleanup. "The bloom is now south of us." The red tide has been especially deadly... Continue Reading →

The December President’s Message

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! And to all our Jewish neighbors celebrating the Festival of Lights, Dec. 2-10, Happy Hanukkah! As I mentioned in the Blast email, our final Membership Drive event of the calendar year, the Christmas Party, is fast approaching. This one is for the grownups and is very popular. We... Continue Reading →

November Board of Directors minutes

Minutes, November 8, 2018 Pasadena Golf Club Estates Civic Group In attendance: Rick Gilbert, Dave and Joan Muth, Laurie Thompson, Sheila Eveland, Ron Gicka Minutes:             Outstanding Receipts for the General Meeting, Signage, Gift cards (for membership drive prize) and Halloween party expenditures were collected and reimbursed. Let’s look into the laws regarding solicitation in... Continue Reading →

Gulfport Water toilet rebate

Gulfport City Utilities residential water customers are eligible for a rebate of up to $100 after the purchase and installation of a high-efficiency water saving toilet. Certain restrictions apply; see Guidelines. 1. Application must be submitted within 45 days of purchase date. 2. Single / Multifamily residential owner occupied homes and commercial properties are eligible.... Continue Reading →

A million thanks

Hello Neighbors, A huge thank you to all of you who did so much to make the Halloween Party a big success. I'm sure I will miss some, but I will attempt a shout-out to our volunteers. To the planning committee: Sheila Eveland, Laurie Thompson, Katy Gilbert, Sue Sidwell; you thought of everything! To Rick... Continue Reading →

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