Kill the Iguanas?

The Florida Fish and Wildlife department says the state is heading for trouble unless it gets control over the increasing population of Green Iguanas.  USA Today reported: The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, which protects crocodiles and places strict guidelines on hunting deer, has put the scaly, yardlong-or-more creature also known as the green... Continue Reading →

Blue-Green Algae in Gulfport

Pinellas County has identified a bloom of Lyngbya, a blue-green algae, in an area of Gulfport and is advising citizens to avoid contact with it and keep their pets away. Pets can become sick from blue-green algae and Lyngbya can cause sore throats and watery eyes in people. Lyngbya can appear in lumps or mats... Continue Reading →

The St. Pete Beach BRT Battle

While this is not a neighborhood issue, it is near enough to us that you should know what is going on. Pinellas Transit is proposing a "bus rapid transit" system" or "BRT" for St Pete Beach.  It has some support and some loud opposition. And this battle has been going on for a couple of years.... Continue Reading →

The Marine Max Plan

The Marine Max Marina, which has taken a dilapidated facility and made major renovations, is now applying to the city to add fuel service. This is in the review and permitting stages and a meeting will be held at the South Pasadena City Hall this Tuesday June 11, at 6:30pm. Joshua, at the marina and he... Continue Reading →

UPDATE: news from President Dave

Happy Summer Neighbors, To close out the boards’ year, we gathered at O’Maddy’s with our new treasurer, Stephanie Slavic, and our outstanding group of volunteers for our first Appreciation Dinner (photo attached). The new board will meet soon to plan our next year’s schedule.  We expect to have our first General Meeting in late September... Continue Reading →

Missing Paddle Board

A white paddle board went missing from our dock on Dolphin Blvd this afternoon after the storm. We checked up and down our harbor and a couple of neighbors texted about seeing it float by but we were not home.  Olivier went out on his kayak but did not see it in the water nor... Continue Reading →

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