Ban smoking on the beaches?

Maderia Beach is the latest local community to consider banning smoking on Gulf beaches.  The City Commission heard evidence that cigarette butts are the "number one thing" that workers collect when they clean beaches. But as the City of Gulfport discovered when it attempted to ban smoking on the beach, Florida law took local government... Continue Reading →

From our President : August newsletter

August 2019 Presidents Letter Hello Neighbors, Here we are in those Dog Days of Summer. I found the two-thousand-year-old expression from Greek and Roman times appropriate today. Wikipedia says it’s a period following the heliacal rising of the star system Sirius, which their astrology connected with heat, drought, sudden thunderstorms, lethargy, fever, mad dogs, and... Continue Reading →

Don’t fall for this

Recently the Sheriff’s Office says it has been contacted from scared citizens who have received phone calls from someone claiming to be with the Social Security Administration or the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The caller claims that there is a warrant out for the person arrest and unless they send money immediately they will be... Continue Reading →

Kill the Iguanas?

The Florida Fish and Wildlife department says the state is heading for trouble unless it gets control over the increasing population of Green Iguanas.  USA Today reported: The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, which protects crocodiles and places strict guidelines on hunting deer, has put the scaly, yardlong-or-more creature also known as the green... Continue Reading →

Blue-Green Algae in Gulfport

Pinellas County has identified a bloom of Lyngbya, a blue-green algae, in an area of Gulfport and is advising citizens to avoid contact with it and keep their pets away. Pets can become sick from blue-green algae and Lyngbya can cause sore throats and watery eyes in people. Lyngbya can appear in lumps or mats... Continue Reading →

The St. Pete Beach BRT Battle

While this is not a neighborhood issue, it is near enough to us that you should know what is going on. Pinellas Transit is proposing a "bus rapid transit" system" or "BRT" for St Pete Beach.  It has some support and some loud opposition. And this battle has been going on for a couple of years.... Continue Reading →

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