New Officers Sworn In

Thanks to our neighbors who are willing to serve as the leaders of our neighborhood association.  The new officers:
President: Dave Muth
Vice President: Rick Gilbert
Recording Secretary: Ron Glicka
Corresponding Secretary: Joan Muth
Treasurer: Laurie Thompson
Past President: Sheila Eveland
Committees are forming that need volunteers for the new season of events:
Halloween Party
Christmas Light Contest
Christmas Party: Chris Berry
Spring Get Together
Directory/Membership: George Eveland
Neighborhood Watch: Sue Sidwell
Please reply to  if you can help.

2 thoughts on “New Officers Sworn In

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  1. email address is not complete. Is that or .org?. I need to send an email to the neighborhood about my missing cat. Should I direct it to a board member and, if so, which one?

    Thanks for your help.


    1. Hi Susan- sorry to hear about your cat– send me an email
      Include a photo if you can– specific address — cat’s name any unique markings. Dietary or medial issues?
      When you find the cat drop me a followup.
      I hope we can help

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