March meeting, Board nominations

President’s Letter for February

Happy New Year Neighbors,

There are some important events coming up and you need to get them on your calendars. Didn’t get a Blast email about this? If we had your email address in the past but you didn’t accept the invitation to the new Google Group you can’t get Blast messages. Please join the Civic Group and reply to the past email requests or provide us your email address and we’ll send another invitation to join.

First, we have a General Meeting coming up March 10. This is a Tuesday, starting at 6:30 with the social.  Pizza and salad provided. We’ll have a guest speaker, Mary Burrell from the Pinellas County Emergency Management Office. She is the Whole Community Engagement Lead. The program will start at 7pm.

The other part of the meeting is that we will be accepting nominee’s for new board members. Elections are in April. Please consider becoming a board member. I will be finishing up my second term and moving into the Past President position and some of the other board members have also served two terms. They can run for a different position but suffice it to say, there will be room for some new blood.

Screen Shot 2020-01-29 at 9.37.08 PM

Secondly, our big Neighborhood Garage Sale is set for Saturday March 21st. We thank Chris Berry for handling the details of advertising and scheduling, making sure we are not the same weekend as the Gulfport garage sale. More details in the coming weeks.

Third, we hired a tree trimming service to clean up the palms in the three common areas (two areas on Seagull and the Dolphin Bridge on the seawall side) plus we’ve added the end of Fairway View Blvd this year and had the oaks and carrotwood trees also trimmed and the lower brush cleaned out. This area will look a whole lot nicer for our block parties.

Oh, one more thing. On a personal note, we recently reroofed our house shingles, so this is kind of a public service announcement. When our house was built it had straps on the rafters installed with 2 nails. In the wind mitigation paperwork today, to get discounts on homeowner insurance, straps require 3 nails.  The alternative is to have clips installed.  I would recommend when you need a new roof to explore this extra process with a company you like and your insurance company because this is the biggest discount.  The extra cost was outweighed by the savings this year and will be realized every year. Most roofing companies didn’t bring this up. Maybe they think it’s a hassle, but they will try and sell you on the extra deck nails they put down, which is code anyway and a small discount. Find a company that routinely does the rafter ties and closely works with wind mitigation inspectors and takes the required photos to submit. This is going to save us a lot of money every year!


Dave Muth

President, PPGCE Civic Group


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