COVID 19: Boating order, eviction suspensions and “Safer at Home” pool guidelines

Boats Pinellas County boat ramps remain open. Starting this weekend, social distancing applies on the water. The latest Executive order from Governor DeSantis allows Florida Fish and Wildlife officers to enforce the following: · Recreational boats must keep a distance of 50-feet apart when not underway · Each vessel can have a maximum of 10 people on board Find full details of the Governor’s order at

Evictions: A statewide order from the Florida Supreme Court has put evictions on hold. The Pinellas County Clerk of Courts will stop issuing “Writs of Possession,” which are the last step of the eviction process that removes people from their residences. Under the order, people won’t be removed through at least April 17, or until the state Supreme Court lifts the order. However, the court order doesn’t reverse the eviction. Pools Public pools are also ordered to close under the county “Safer at Home” policy. Pools attached to single-family homes may stay open. Shared pools attached to apartment and condominium complexes are closed.

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