Don’t park on the Green Spaces

Hello Neighbors,
I don’t know how many of you know this, but one roll our Civic Group has is maintaining and improving our public spaces (Section II Object, parts (c) and (d) of the Corporate Charter and By-Laws). So a portion of all dues go to maintaining these spaces in our development.
We have the bridge area of Dolphin Blvd. along the seawall side of the street and three of the five cul-de-sacs, one at the end of Fairway View and two on Seagull which have grass/palm islands in the center rather than all asphalt. Possibly the developer thought it would look nice, or maybe they just didn’t want to move the power poles. In any case, there is no irrigation, but we mow what grows and trim the palms. Other improvements are welcome to be presented.
The board has recently become aware that some residents are using these public green spaces on Sea Gull Drive as frequent and overnight parking lots. As we understand it, in the past, a neighbor will park a guest there on the rare occasion that curb parking is limited. But now the neighbors on Seagull are seeing people abuse these green spaces, using them as their own parking area. Nobody wants to drive into a neighborhood and see a makeshift parking lot, much less see that out of their front window.
As we are not a deed restricted community association, we fall into county codes for public property. While it might look like an extended circular drive of these properties, it is actually county land maintained in cooperation with the Civic Group. The County Zoning and Code Enforcement has emailed our board President to confirm these green spaces are county medians and are subject to ticketing for parking violations. First, we are asking that nobody make unilateral decisions concerning these areas as in adding signs or removing palm trees unless you present this to the community through the Civic Group. We are also asking to pleaseĀ be considerate of your neighbors. We are highly resistant to requesting the county to install “No Parking” signs or other forms of deterrence that have been suggested and hope we don’t have to go that far.
We hope you are healthy and coping as this hot Covid Summer rolls through.
Your PGCECG Board

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