Farewell from President Muth

Hello Neighbors,

My term is up and this will be my last President’s letter. What a year we are having, and we still have another quarter to go! Back in February, those “draconian measures” overseas, were soon to be deemed necessary here, when you added the caveat “out of an abundance of caution”. Masks and social distancing will go on. From the county web site: 780 people died, at least in part, from the virus in our county to date.  It’s still out there but fortunately we have drastically come way down from August with very few deaths in the last couple of weeks. Many of us know someone who’s gotten this virus. Some got sick, some didn’t, and many of us even know someone who has passed away. It’s been a tragic time. Thankfully, best medicines and procedures have been improved and we have gradually returned to some form of normalcy. We have businesses open, restaurants open, sports, and those Bolt’s got a Stanley Cup! Rays are moving on in the playoffs and I think that’s all good for our collective mental health here in Tampa Bay.

Last week I turned over the gavel. We had a brief swearing-in of Civic Group Officers and I’m pleased to announce that Ron Gicka will be our new president. Ron was formerly in the Recording Secretary position and he will do a great job.

-Laurie Thompson will take over as the new Recording Secretary. Laurie had been VP last year and our Treasurer in the past.

-Sheila Eveland, who was Past President these last two years, will fill the Vice President role. She has also been various other positions including President over many years, and we are happy she continues to help out.

-Stephanie Slavick will continue as our Treasurer.

-George Eveland, will be the new Corresponding Secretary. George has been on the board many years as the membership chairman so I’m sure he could use some help if anyone would like to join us. I will be sliding into the unelected board position of Past President.

My wife, Joan, who has been on the board as a Treasure and Corresponding Secretary in past years is going more low profile this year but I know she will always lend a hand where needed. 

I’ve got to mention special thanks for the continued help of Trish Small, of New Neighbor Welcome, Barbara Afield, as the Neighborhood Watch chairperson. Speaking of Neighborhood watch, we are seeking some guidance on how and when we will have another meeting. This will likely coincide with a Members General Meeting. While on the subject of Neighborhood Watch, be aware our Sheriff is up for re-election. This is the sole source of policing in our area and you should educate yourselves on the candidates. The Tampa Bay Times has an interesting article out today (10/10) analyzing some of the ads and qualifications of the candidates. 

Now Ron may or may not do president’s letters. You will always get Blast emails (if we have it from your membership form) for all information we need to get out. Also, remember we have a Facebook page that you can utilize for two-way communication. We especially like pictures.

Speaking of membership, it’s membership drive time (Oct 1- Dec 31). Look for forms coming out to your door soon. Unfortunately, our membership kick-off Halloween Party won’t be happening this year, as you would expect since we still have the virus around. I’m hoping for a Christmas Party though! Maybe I’m just an optimist.

Anyway, it’s been an absolute pleasure being the Neighborhood Civic Group President these last couple of years, as well as my previous years with the board. I look forward to having the advisory roll now. The people on the board are great and I encourage anyone who wants to even dip a toe in with a little help, we’d love to have you.


Dave Muth

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