A message from our Association President

I hope that you all have had a safe and happy summer.  With this weather it does not feel like fall, but here it comes and with it comes our Neighborhood Membership Drive. 

Previously, the membership application has been mailed to you for completion, but this year the board has decided to deliver them in person and also digitally.

This summer we have had quite a few new families move into the neighborhood, which we wanted to welcome, as well as stopping by to say hello to all our neighbors that have been with us for year(s).

Your support continues to allow us to maintain the green spaces in our development as well as other improvement projects keeping our area looking nice. We organize the annual Halloween party, Christmas party, Christmas light contest, printing a distribution of the neighborhood directories and paying the rental space to hold our general meetings.

The membership fees is a once a year request in the amount of $25. Please take the time to complete the application, include your check and either drop it off at a board members house or put it in the mail today.

Please email the membership chair, Niel Eyde with artwork for advertising in the directory or for any membership questions you may have.


Thank you, Scott Steiss


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