About PGCE

The neighborhood of Pasadena Golf Club Estates consists of approximately 415 single family homes built primarily from 1953 to 1970.  Some newer homes were built along the Pasadena Yacht And Country Club golf course in the early 2000’s. The subdivision has waterfront homes, non-waterfront homes and homes that border on the Pasadena Yacht and Country Club golf course.  Homes on  Debbie Lane Circle and Mockingbird homes were built in the late 1990’s.

The square footage of the homes range from 966 square feet to 4806 square feet with the predominant size being in the 1500 to 2000 square foot range. A majority of the homes are located on lots that are less than ¼ of an acre.

PGCE Data from City-Data.com

For people living in the 33707 zip code: Median age:

Males: 17.7 years
Females: 19.0 years

Average household size:

Pasadena Golf Club Estates: 2.2 people
Florida: 2.5 people

Average family size: 2.8 members

Pasadena Golf Club Estates: 2.8 members
Florida: 2.5 members

Percentage of married-couple families (among all households):

Here: 55.0%
Florida: 50.4%

Percentage of married-couple families with children (among all households):

Pasadena Golf Club Estates: 16.5%
Florida: 19.2%

Percentage of single-mother households (among all households):

This neighborhood: 2.1%
Florida: 8.1%

Percentage of never married males 15 years old and over:

Here: 6.8%
Florida: 13.2%

Percentage of never married females 15 years old and over:

Pasadena Golf Club Estates: 6.4%
Florida: 0.0%

Percentage of people that speak English not well or not at all:

This neighborhood: 0.5%
Florida: 5.6%

Percentage of people born in this state:

Here: 25.6%
Florida: 32.7%

Percentage of people born in another U.S. state:

Pasadena Golf Club Estates: 64.0%
Florida: 47.9%

Percentage of native residents but born outside the U.S.:

Here: 0.4%
Florida: 2.6%

Percentage of foreign born residents:

Here: 10.0%
Florida: 16.7%

Average number of cars or other vehicles available in houses/condos:

This neighborhood: 1.9
Florida: 1.7

Average number of cars or other vehicles available in apartments:

Here: 1.0
Florida: 1.2

Percentage of units with a mortgage:

Pasadena Golf Club Estates: 59.8%
Florida: 71.7%

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