Contact Civic Group Officers

2015-2016 Civic Group Board Members
President – Toni Sturm

Board Members

Past President – Sheila Eveland

President – Toni Sturm

Vice President – Libby Tolson

Treasurer:  Joan & Dave Muth

Secretary – William (George) Eveland 


Committee Members:

Membership – Susan Cerf

Yard Sale – Chris Berry 

They have accepted responsibility to endorse, believe in and work for the objectives of the Civic Group as stated in the corporate charter. The administration of the Civic Group has been placed in their hands; however, the success of the Civic Group depends upon the co-operation they receive from the membership in carrying out their directives and objectives. They will look to you to furnish them the help, experience, and support needed to accomplish the goals desired and achieve the best results from their individual and collective efforts.

Here is the Membership Application form to join (pdf).

If you have a neighbor who does not or cannot use a computer ask them if they would like for you to print out an application form for them.

The Pasadena Golf Club Estates Civic Group has been your neighborhood civic group since 1956. It is a civic association that was formed by the original residents of Pasadena Golf Club Estates for the purpose of promoting the general welfare of this neighbor- hood and to serve the mutual interests of its residents. It is a civic group, not a homeowners’ association, and membership, which is open to all residents, is voluntary. Because most of PGCE is in an unincorporated area with its seat of government located 16 miles away in the Pinellas County Courthouse in Clearwater, the civic group often serves as the intermediary between the residents of PGCE and our “local” government in Clearwater, as well as with the nearby municipal governments of Gulfport and South Pasadena whose actions sometimes have an impact upon PGCE. The civic group has no actual governing authority, but county and city officials have come to respect its representation of the interests of the residents of this unincorporated area, more so when we have a large membership. The civic group is eternally vigilant and responsive to county and city government actions that can affect us. The civic group has served us well over the years as our “first responder” when threats to the neighborhood have developed, and when any important issues arise that are of interest or concern to the residents. An email alert system was established this year to issue timely alerts.


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