Government Links

Online ServicesOnline Services

pay taxes, renew driver licenses, park shelter reservations



building permits, vendor application, explore international opportunities



elected officials, courts, administrator, departments, meetings and agendas



list of all departments, agencies, descriptions, phone numbers, email, publications, image library




Additional Free Public Record Information

Building Site Plans- more info available from the BDRS department

Business/Charity – more info available from Consumer Protection

Contractors – more info available from Construction Licensing Board

Courts/Judicial – more info available from Clerk of the Court & Sixth Judicial Circuit

Crime – more info available from Sheriff Office

Elections/Voting- more info available from Supervisor of Elections

Government in the Sunshine

Land/Property- more info available from Property Appraiser

Maps – numerous map views, plus color aerial photos are included

Public Works Projects- status of transportation, beach renourishment, surface water, parks projects & more


Taxes/Tags/Tickets- more info available from Tax Collector


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