A million thanks

Hello Neighbors,
A huge thank you to all of you who did so much to make the Halloween Party a big success.

I’m sure I will miss some, but I will attempt a shout-out to our volunteers. To the planning committee:
Sheila Eveland, Laurie Thompson, Katy Gilbert, Sue Sidwell; you thought of everything! To Rick Gilbert, you did a fabulous job as MC (and you are hired again for next year). Thanks to Sue Sidwell who did the shopping, and Pris Parrish and Glen Smedley, for showing up early to help with set up and whatever we needed. Eileen Lacki, Stephanie and Aspen Slavic, Lisa Neal and Chris Berry brought tables, chairs and trash cans.

We had great judges who had a difficult time judging between great costumes: Katy Gilbert, Stephanie Slavic and Charleen Lodes. We had Sheila Eveland on the membership table and Dave Muth on the grill (Thanks for the grill Leigh Steck!). And thanks to many more who helped with set up and clean up, and to all who brought delicious food. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Joan Muth
P.S. I have a nice Tupperware (tabouli) bowl and we are missing 2 folding chairs. Please call if you found the chairs or leave them at my house, 1885 Dolphin. 727-641-7064

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