The Marine Max Plan

The Marine Max Marina, which has taken a dilapidated facility and made major renovations, is now applying to the city to add fuel service.
This is in the review and permitting stages and a meeting will be held at the South Pasadena City Hall this Tuesday June 11, at 6:30pm.
Joshua, at the marina and he sent me some info that we are posting here. He says he welcomes anyone who wants to go over there and see for themselves. Residents that were within 200 feet of the Marina’s property line received notice of this meeting as was the requirement.
Everything below is from MarineMax:
The Plans: an overview  
  • MarineMax truly is committed to involving the community in this process.
  • The marina is already built to handle fuel, as fuel used to be sold here years ago.
  • All regulations will be followed.
  • This project will increase safety with less fuel trucks moving in and out of the area.
  • This would put money into the City of South Pasadena instead of Gulfport (where we have needed to go to fuel boats).
  • There will be very little visual impact, the tank is planned to be put underground, with one single pump station above ground.
  • There will be a dock attendant for pumping fuel, boaters will NOT be allowed to pump their own boat.

Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at 8.20.25 PM

Here are our notes from the Q&A session:
Q – Was it intentional to begin this process when some snowbirds have left?
A – No, the planning process began months ago and if residents have left at this time, it was not our intention to exclude anyone from the conversation.
Q – Is this being installed for marina customers or for residents of condos as well?
A – The primary purpose of this will be for company and marina customer use, but we will also make this available to the public.
Q – What will be the hours of operation?
A – This will operate during normal store hours, Monday – Sunday, with a dock attendant.
Q – I see fuel trucks coming through all the time. Why not continue to use those?
A – Those fuel trucks only accommodate the largest yachts, not the regular mid size and smaller boats. Also the money goes strictly to those fueling companies, and South Pasadena doesn’t receive anything from them.
Q – How big is the fuel tank?
A – The tank holds 10,000 gallons.
Q – Will an employee pump gas?
A – Yes, it is required by law that an employee handles the fuel, not customers.
Q – What fuel grades will be used?
A – Diesel and ethanol-free fuel.
Q – How long will the project take?
A – 6-8 weeks.
Let me know if you have any questions, and of course, you are welcome to come to the store in person to speak with Joshua on this.
Have a great weekend and Happy Memorial Day!
Landen DeGraff
Marketing and Getaways Coordinator
MarineMax St. Petersburg
Phone: (574) 377-3071

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