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Hello Neighbors,

These are bizarre times we find ourselves in. I’m seeing people riding bikes or walking that I’ve never seen before; sometimes they pass many times a day. I’ve been able to keep up with my usual post-retirement chore list, as long as the home supply stores stay open. I hope you all find some project or new goal to pass the time if you aren’t currently working. To you that still need to be out in the service industries… taking care of our food, medical, financial, and essential needs… thank you and stay safe!

As we talked about in the previous meeting, we have our new private Facebook group for members. This will supplement the website and allow for interaction. Please request to join, and once accepted, start posting. We are looking for lots of pictures of how you are occupying your time, but also if you are in need or know someone in need, you have the ability to let us all help out.

Use this link

We hope that our weather, that has been warmer than usual for spring, will decrease virus cases with more and more heat. As for our Civic Group events, I guess we were just one step ahead of things as more and more restrictions were being mandated on the community. Thanks for all who came out to our last General Meeting. Unfortunately, our last events of the season will have to be postponed. We will let you all know about elections for a new board as things become clearer in the environment we live in today.

The 2020 directories were being delivered as I write this. Look for yours on your door step in the next day or so if you signed up as a Civic Group member.

UPDATE: For those of you who travel on the west side of Dolphin Blvd, you’ve probably noticed the utility crew working along the road to complete an 800 feet section of natural gas line, part of which they thought was already there. Since TECO had contracted with me to connect us to this presumed mainlinePresident's Update February 2020, then not finding it, they determined that it made sense to complete the rest of the block while they had to bring the equipment out anyway. So, while this wasn’t a totally painless process, and hopefully everybody’s yard was restored, natural gas is available to all of Dolphin now.

Enjoy Easter as best you can and we’ll hopefully see things clearing up next month. Stay well.


Dave Muth

PGCECG President

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