Seed libraries -free for you to plant

Did you know that just like checking out books, you can go to a seed library here in Pinellas County and check out seeds to plant and create a greater biodiversity of plant life? Checking out seeds from the local library helps promote biodiversity, as most store-bought seeds get grown by from four major companies. Seed libraries also add to the diversity of your dinner table: Eckerd College offers seeds to the hybrid melon that was developed by Biology professor Liza Conrad and her group of student researchers.

The Gabber reported recently:

Eckerd College Library in St. Pete and the Gulfport Food Forest are successful examples in The Gabber’s coverage area. The Gulfport Public Library has a seed library, too, although with the departure of Cailey Klasson, who managed the library, the library doesn’t have anyone to currently oversee it. The library also has great success with their gardening events, including monthly visits from The Garden Grampa, who uses hands-on activities to educate kids in grades K – 5 for an hour about gardening, growing and sustainability.

Seed libraries help people learn about the various types of vegetables, flowers, and herbs that grow well in their climate. The seed section of libraries also have pamphlets and information on growing: When, where, and how each seed grows best.

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