Pinellas County Clerk offers free property fraud alert service

You can sign up for this FREE now. All of the material below comes from Ken Burke, Clerk of the Circuit Court, Pinellas County:

Customers signing up for this FREE service will be
notified, by phone or email, of any document recorded
with their name in the Official Records of the
Pinellas County Clerk’s office. Recordable documents
include deeds and mortgages among many others

What is this service?
A FREE public service offered by the Pinellas County Clerk’s
office that can help you detect fraudulent documents
recorded with your name in the Clerk’s Official Records.

What does this service monitor?

The name you choose to subscribe (business name,
maiden name, married name, etc) is the only criteria
being monitored. If you have a common name, you may
get multiple alerts since it doesn’t distinguish one name
from another.

How does this alert work?
Once you sign up for the service you will receive an alert,
from that day forward, of any document recorded with
your name in the Official Records. The alert you receive,
either by phone or email, will contain the document
number and type, along with the recorded date and
name. Using this information, you can easily search the
Clerk’s online Official Records to see if the alert pertains
to you.

What is property fraud and how does it happen?
Property Fraud is when someone illegally uses your
property for financial gain. An instance of this entails
someone recording a fraudulent deed and/or lien against
your property in the Official Records of the Pinellas County
Clerk’s office.

Sign up for this FREE monitoring service through the
Clerk’s website or by calling the Property Fraud Alert
Hotline at 1-800-728-3858.

For more information, call Recording Services at (727)
464-4876 or visit

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