The predicted threat of rising tides-new mapping

Climate Central just issued its new research on

The report says:

Hurricane season along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts—June 1 through November 30–is approaching, elevating local coastal flood risks.

Sea level rise is making hurricane and coastal storm surges more dangerous and costly in U.S. cities.

Using data and maps from Risk Finder and Coastal Risk Screening Tool, Climate Central assessed annual coastal flood vulnerability—the likelihood of experiencing specific flood levels, and the impacts of each—for 23 U.S. cities. 

Vulnerable cities

The data for all 23 U.S. cities are available in this downloadable spreadsheet (.xlsx). Additional water levels can be explored at:

Three key elements are provided across multiple potential water levels for each included city:

  • likelihood of experiencing specific water levels within a year (selected for each city based on how much land is exposed to coastal flood risk, and the levels’ range of expected probability);
  • the land area within the risk zone; 
  • and links to dynamic maps for self-serve generation of visuals.

Select locations also have animated maps (YouTube) showing the change in vulnerable areas across multiple water levels.



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